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Tuesday, January 10, 2006 

Alito will overturn Roe v Wade

From Armando
Alito Testifies That He Believed Roe Was Wrongly Decided
In his answers to Senator Arlen Specter's question, Judge Samuel Alito acknowledged that the 1985 memo where he stated that he supported the goal of overturning roe v. Wade expressed his personal views at the time.

He did not clarify whether he still believes it but implicitly seemed to accept that when he argued that as a judge he would put his personal feelings aside and determine whether the doctrine of stare decisis compelled upholding Roe.

This makes it clear, Alito would vote to overturn Roe UNLESS the doctrine of stare decisis compelled otherwise.

As for stare decisis, Alito stated repeatedly that it "is not an inexorable command."

It seems clear that Alito will likely vote to overturn Roe if he is confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The religious right would like you to believe that the only people having abortions are those "slutty" girls you knew in High School. But, in my experience, most of the people who have made this decision are people who were given horrific circumstances. Two had to make the choice between carrying a baby to term only to have them die immediately upon birth or having an abortion, another had a genetic anomaly where not only would the baby perish, shortly and painfully after birth but giving birth to the child would jeopardize the wife’s fertility. The government has no business making these decisions for families.

i'm moving to france!

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