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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Arggh - Politics and Friendships

I am at this point in life where I am just honest (maybe blunt). I used to be able to disagree with people about political philosophies but since the Bush Administration and probably more accurately the child torture allegations - I can't really even stand to talk to someone who is a proud republican (see "Ignorance is No Excuse").

Heck, I have a hard time talking to known democrats. Is it that those of us, who actively read political blogs and are news junkies of one sort or another, come from a different place than those who are satisfied with the nightly news? This different informational background just usually ends up making me feel like an oddball. I enjoy blogging because I feel the people who read my diaries are interested in seeking the information and it is a great way to get "it" out of my system. When you feel uncomfortable talking about the issues that concern our country with your neighbor - something is wrong and wrong on multiple levels. :-)

When placed in a position to talk politics - I usually make the decision to stay quiet - to repress the feeling to shout at the top of my lungs "What is going on!" Sometimes, I can shove my emotions into that pit in my stomach and keep them there until I get off a little comment or fact but if I am not careful I just end up rattling off my thoughts on the bad direction that our country is taking. But - Let's face it, people don't care. America is a nation of small talk. It is easy and requires zero personal risk. It drives me crazy. Maybe I am being too hard on people, maybe I need to not care as much - but I do - so it can be hard or at least uncomfortable at times.

End of my whiny post. :-)

Cindy, you definitely are not alone and in fact, some might argue, that your pattern is very similar to that of many women. I don't know if you've been following the year-plus long look at how often women's opinions end up on the op-ed pages, or editorial pages for that matter. But there has been a lot of attention recently to this phenomemon. Not that there aren't men who feel similarly, but there's been a noted dearth of female voices in the news. See for example:

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