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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Buckeyes to lose licensing due to Blackwells TABOR

You only have to talk to someone living in Colorado to realize TABOR is a horrible idea. The bill sounds good but the implications are far reaching, sticky and eventually leads to a big mess. In Ohio, it seems that the bill is even more poorly worded and would endanger OSU football programs...


Fiscal Irresponsibility: Poorly Worded Language Actually Guts Programs that pay for themselves -- Penalizing Government Programs that Generate Self-Sustaining Revenue.

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland today reports that Secretary of State's ballot initiative modeled after Colorado's TABOR/TEL is so poorly worded that it could gut government programs that pay for themselves without tax-supported funds -- and in Ohio the grand-daddy of all state-supported programs is Ohio State Buckeye licensing.

Blackwell has filed a signature petition that currently has the measure headed for the ballot in Ohio in November. His proposal goes farther than the Colorado provision which voters in Colorado voted to temporarily suspend because of the effect on business, government programs and university funding last November.

According to the Plain Dealer, State Sen. Jeff Jacobson, a Dayton-area Republican and former Senate Finance Committee member, said he doubts state lawmakers would cut social programs in favor of college football.

"Either this means state programs get cut or Ohio State's football team goes down the drain," Jacobson said in the Plain Dealer. "I'm not sure why Secretary Blackwell would want to defend either of those outcomes. Both are losing propositions with the voters."

Via: psychobilly dem, BSB and UAPA

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