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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

Cleveland Red Light / Speeding Camera Locations

The following is a list of where cameras have been installed throughout Cleveland to catch motorists speeding or running red lights.

Shaker Boulevard at Shaker Square

West Boulevard at Euclid Avenue

Shaker Boulevard and East 116th Street

West Boulevard at Interstate 90 ramp

Chester Avenue at East 71st Street

East 55th Street and Carnegie Avenue

East 131st Street at Harvard Avenue

Carnegie Avenue at East 30th Street

Cedar Avenue at Murray Hill Road

Grayton Road at Interstate 480 ramp

Euclid Avenue at Mayfield Road

Warren Road at Interstate 90 ramp

Prospect Avenue at East 40th Street

East 116th Street at Union Avenue

West 117th Street at Interstate 90 ramp

Pearl Road at Biddulph Road

Carnegie Avenue at East 100th Street

Carnegie Avenue at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

Memphis Avenue at Fulton Road

Lake Shore Boulevard at East 159th Street

St. Clair Avenue at London Road

Speed Only

Clifton Boulevards between West 110th and Westh 104th streets

Chester Avenue between East 55th and East 40th streets

Woodland Avenue between East 66th and 71st streets

West Boulevard between Interstate 90 ramp and Madison Avenue

Broadway between Interstate 90 ramp and Madison Avenue

Broadway between Harvard and Miles avenues

Lee Road between Tarkington Avenue and Interstate 480 ramp

Via NewsNet5


Thanks for the info. Two of the red light cameras are in my immediate area and many of them on routes that I travel throughout the week, but West Blvd. does not intersect Euclid Avenue so that one confuses me.

Thanks again for the info.

I've done a lot of research and these cameras violate the Ohio Revised Code in many ways. However, I live outside of the city of Cleveland and have no power to vote within the city limits.
I have decided to cast my vote with the one thing I do have: my dollar. I refuse to spend any money within the Cleveland City Limits until they remove the cameras.
Will it hurt the local economy? Sure, but hey, this is Captalism and I have the right to use, or not use my dollar where-ever I choose.

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