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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Ferber says co-sleeping can be healthy for children

Well, I really don't care what Ferber says but - if he see the light - then I suppose more parents will and that should make a lot of babies happy.
"In a flurry of publicity for a revised version of Dr. Ferber's book, he has allowed that his technique is not suitable for all babies and that children can develop healthy sleep habits sleeping in their parents' bed."
The technique Ferber is famous for is the "Cry It Out" technique. Where a parent is supposed to basically ignore thier infant and let them cry sometimes for hours. I think that this is torture for everyone involved, especially the infant. It is done under the guise of creating independence. Independence in a 3 month old? Whatever! I'd rather work on establishing trust. I'd like my child to come into this world understanding that his/her parents are here for them and if they cry someone will come.

Can you believe this quote from the article?
"It is at her next doctor's appointment, her 12-month checkup," Christina Harrison said of her daughter, Alyssa, "that I relish the chance to bring it up the most." Ms. Harrison, 29, let Alyssa cry until her voice was hoarse at her pediatrician's urging. "It was horrible."
That's when you find a new pediatrician! There are so many styles of doctors and parenting books that you might as well find one the ones that suite your beliefs.

Maciej and I co-slept with Sophie until around a year, then she slept in our room in a toddler bed - that only lasted a few months and then she quickly moved to her twin bed. She has never seen a crib or really used a bottle for that matter. When she was an infant we used a positioner and the arms reach co-sleeper. It worked great. I think the family slept better than most families with newborns and Sophie and I really enjoyed the easy breastfeeding and snuggles. We did move her into the toddler bed around the year mark though because she was just getting too large and it started to interfere with my sleep - and hers too!

It's not for everyone (it could be dangerous for infants of smokers, drinkers & drug users, I think heavy sleepers can have a rough time with it and maybe your baby just prefers the crib) but it couldn't have worked out any better for us.

If you'd like more info I recommend any of Dr. Sears books. You also might like to read this article "Co-Sleeping: Yes, No, Sometimes?".