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Tuesday, January 24, 2006 

Fingerhut Disappointment

Via: The Times-Reporter and Renee in Ohio
Dean: “The cost of corruption is real to Ohioans, and it’s real to Americans, and we’re going to put an end to that,”

Fingerhut: State Sen. Eric Fingerhut of Cleveland, also running for governor, said he was insulted by a Washington politician coming to Ohio to talk about corruption.

“People know what’s happening in the Statehouse. They don’t need Howard Dean to come and tell them that,” Fingerhut said.
Fingerhut is wrong, people need to be reminded that the Culture of Corruption starts with Ohio and hurts Ohio. I wonder how many people actually know who Ney is (our the other corrupt R's in our great state) and what he did that was so wrong? I imagine few - maybe they have some shadowy idea but - that's it. Our democratic leaders need to:
  • Educate the population about the Culture of Corruption that the Republicans have made for themselves
  • Demonstrate how the Democrats are different
  • What are the Dems doing to prevent the corruption from continuing?
  • How are the Dems going to stop corruption from happening from within their party, if they are elected?
They don't expect us to just vote for them on blind faith do they? Well, maybe I will - but that won't win you Ohio :-)

Even if Fingerhut is trying to differentiate himself from Strickland and other Ohio Dems (as YellowDogSammy suggests), this is the wrong way. I think he probably lost more than he gained as the only Democrats who might be generous to an anti-Dean statement are most likely already in the Strickland camp for other reasons. I like Fingerhut but this statement is weak and disappointing.

A lot more info at DailyKos:"Thoughts on the Ohio governor's race"

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Wow ... you mentioned me! I'm blushing.

Actually, I agree with you that Eric needs to find better ways to make himself stand out, and you make a good point that the xenophobic dimension of his remark plays to persons more likely to support Strickland. I was just trying to say that the remark wasn't gratuitous imbecility (a commenter earlier in the DKos thread asked rhetorically if Fingerhut is a nut), but a desperate little strategem to grab the focus and stand out. Not saying it was a good one.

What a great blog you have!

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