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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Lead Poisoning from Candy

Sophie was diagnosed with an elevated lead level at her 2 year check up. It was scary, although everyone - including the doctors, thought it was most likely caused by her desire to eat dirt. Dirt eating is an aquired taste, usually preferred by 12-18 month olds. I was told that Cleveland, the Heights and East Cleveland have very contaminated soil. It is winter and she is over 2 now - so she doesn't really eat dirt anymore and during her last visit to the Dr. her lead levels were way down. Thank Goodness. But, while I was learning about effects and causes of lead poisoning I was surprised to learn how much contamination we live with. Here is an article about Candy causing Lead Poisoning in children.
A recent study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found that certain candies from Mexico imported to the United States contain lead levels almost as high as those found in paint.

California has traced 15 percent of its lead-poisoning cases to candy.
For them to call it lead poisoning, those kids had to have very high levels of lead in their systems which could lead to mental/social problems. Very sad.

More info on how this could happen at Huffington Post "Free Trade in Candy" by Carl Pope.