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Friday, January 27, 2006 

Meet the Bloggers Drama

I have never attended a MTB event. They sound like a great idea, whenever you can get people who care about community & politics together and you also get to meet candidates - Yippee. Can't hurt, can it?

Well, maybe it can. Lately, on the local blogs, it seems there has been a lot of conversation about LL who, I guess, would like to participate in MTB. First off, it has always seemed to me that MTB was open to all NEO bloggers. I thought ALL implied progressive, conservative or somewhere in between - so why not just show up to an event. That's what I would have done (and plan to one day) and I would have expected to encounter bloggers that I might not always agree with - both (R) and (D). So, the fact that there is a conversation is kinda weird to me. (If you want to participate - just show up - simple - no drama.)

But, the curious thing about the conversation that has evolved is that when one progressive blogger expressed concern that including an obvious right-winger into the fold and the ramifications this could have on the MTB community (shouting, name calling, content, ect). The right-winger decided to resort to name calling, and says he can't handle the cultural divide and the weird part is that it looked like the majority of the MTB community (George, Tim, Jill, Ohio 2nd and others) was opening thier arms to the idea of finding ways to include more conservatives including LL. The weirder part is the negative comments went on to include potential MTB speakers/guests. Now - If you really want to participate, you are going to encounter people who disagree with you and there is no reason to belittle MTB guests. Did he think everyone was going to just roll over and say "great, yeah he's right"? Did he think he would automatically get to choose the speakers? If you ask for permission from a large community, someone is bound to play the devils advocate, didn't he anticipate that?

But - I have a feeling, LL didn't really want to participate in MTB (his own goals state he is "looking for way to PUSH the conservative pov"), that maybe - he just wanted to syphon a little traffic from the more popular blogs that just happen to be liberal and perhaps create a little controversy where he could shout down progressives. It sounds just like the script of his favorite show, "Hannity and Colmes" . (LL - In case you actually don't realize, Colmes isn't trying to convince anyone of anything. He is Hannitys prop. Nothing more, Nothing less.)

As far as MTB including more conservatives, the MTB page should plainly express that it is open to all NEO bloggers. If conservatives want to show up, they can and I expect, eventually, they will. (None of this extra drama needed.)

PS: I wish I could have made it to the fundraiser. It looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Maybe next time :-)

I'm not really sure how many times I have to express that this is open to anyone, conservatives included.

Well, I thought it was obvious too - but might as well - state it on the MTB homepage somewhere or have an "about" page with Callahans 4 MTB cardinal rules on it:

All NEO bloggers are welcome.

Nobody hogs the microphone... you take your turn and pass it on.

Bloggers ask questions, interviewees answer them. We're there to get the candidates' voices on record, not our own.

Every word gets posted.

Cindy - for clarification's sake, because I think the how this all started is important but is getting buried, I just posted this:


Might be helpful, don't know.

I don't know any of you but calling someone a "right-winger" is name calling too, is it not?

I believe using the term "right winger" summed up Pounders feelings for the bloggers political bend correctly. (pounder didn't actually say it, he expressed a whole lot of other things about LL that cast him in that light) I did not think it was name calling for me to use the term, just shorthand -an easy way of saying some thought LL was in lock step with the right wings authorized opinions without expressing all of those exact opinions.

Kinda wordy - short answer=no.

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