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Thursday, January 05, 2006 

Modern Day Wet Nursing Renaissance

My friends and I, all have babies within a month or two of each other and we all breastfed (or at least did our best). Some of us made pacts, if something happened to one of us - the other would breastfeed the hungry baby. Kinda sad to think something might happen to a new mother but, it is comforting to know you have friends that are willing to go that extra step to care for your infant. Most of the babies would have really disliked formula too! (Thankfully, nothing happened to any of us) Now, I guess, pacts like ours aren't so unusual. According to the Toronto Star, modern day wet nursing is catching on. More so in cases where someone is helping out a friend, but then they talk about it as a business...
It may even enjoy a renaissance as a profession, if a Beverly Hills entrepreneur has anything to say about it. Certified Household Staffing, a home-services provider that operates across the U.S., offers wet nurses among its other make-your-busy-life-more-manageable professionals, such as bodyguards and chauffeurs. Clients are most often women whose breasts have been surgically augmented, a procedure that, particularly in the case of operations performed through the nipple, sometimes leaves women unable to adequately nurse their babies. Wet nurses are screened for health problems and paid for their services, according to a Web-based news service.
I don't think it is going to be the next Google but - I am glad the option is out there. It must be so sad for those women who can't feed their children due to breast surgery (whether plastic or not). The babies probably enjoy it too! For me, I am glad I had friends who could help out and if I didn't - I think I'd prefer pumped milk but maybe not.