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Sunday, January 08, 2006 

More Cronyism - this time in Immigration Dept.

From the NY Times:

"Julie L. Myers, picked by President Bush to head the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has never dealt extensively with immigration issues."

Geez. I wonder what kind of disaster we can expect out of this?

AmericaBlog sums it up:
With the GOP winding up American on the immigration "crisis" which is in fact no crisis, giving former General Myers daughter a political patronage job of such importance is yet another example of what a banana republic/dictatorship the US is becoming. If she was so qualified to lead why not follow the democratic route and let the Senate decided? If the GOP couldn't even muster support from the DINO Leiberman, she obviously had problems. It's not like the GOP doesn't control all branches of government.

This is infuriating. (although I should expect it by now) This administration doesn't care at all about how our government is actually run. They just continue to fleece us out of money - giving our tax dollars away for political favors. Don't they even have one supporter who is qualified? Come on - at least pretend not to be corrupt.