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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

Poll shows Brown beating DeWine

A new Zogby Poll released through The Wall Street Journal today, showed Congressman Sherrod Brown (D-Avon) continuing to lead incumbent Republican Senator Mike DeWine in the race this year for the United States Senate.

The online Zogby poll, conducted in early January, has Brown beating DeWine 41.3% to 37%.

A November Columbus Dispatch poll of Ohio voters showed Brown leading Mike DeWine 35% to 31%.

"Voters are demanding change from the wrong-headed trade policies that have lead Ohio down the wrong path," said Dan Lucas, a Brown spokesperson. "It's also clear that working families want details about how candidates are going to bring about that change."

Brown is the leading candidate in the Democratic primary against Indian Hill attorney Paul Hackett. An internal poll conducted by the Feldman Group in early December showed Brown leading Hackett 51% to 22%.
I am suspicious of polls since the last election but, this doesn't look bad. Of course, Online polling seems like it could easily be skewed due to the limited community and the Columbus Dispatch had parts of RON polling well. Also, I think it is still a little early - Brown started with great name recognition and Hackett is just starting to build it outside his district and the internet. It may be too much too make up. If anyone can do it Hackett can though. I wish DeWine looked weaker - it is still to close for me.

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