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Sunday, January 08, 2006 

Speaking of Disasters

It looks like we still have a disaster in Louisiana.

11-05 Holly Beach LA
"You can look at all the pictures they had on TV or the newspaper but until you see this with your own eyes you can not image what it is like. And the smell........Just terrible. It is unbelievable, all of Cameron looks like a war zone. We rode the back way from Kaplan all the way to Johnson Bayou and back. All the marsh grass is piled up on the side of the roads. I have never seen so many washers, dryers, iceboxes and freezers........all on the side of the road, damaged."
- RealCajunRecipes.com

I continue to think about the families coming back, looking for loved ones and finding skelatel remains lying in the streets covered in rubbish. (Ala Barry Cowsill and the other stories recently in the news.) Doesn't seem like America to me. We should have the decency to take proper care of our dead, not leave them to rot in the streets. Very sad for the families, sad for America.