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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Were the Brookpark Marines betrayed by Iraqi Forces?

We might never know but it is starting to look more and more likely. If the Marines have nothing to hide - then why are they hiding it? 25 ohioans killed by the Iraqi security forces they were working with, possibly US trained security forces - Well, to an administration trying so hard to paint a rosey picture of a bleak, ill planned Iraq War - this is just one more thing to cover up in a very long list of cover ups. Shameful.

From NewsNet5
Military officials have changed their minds about declassifying a report, and now the families of Brook Park Marines killed in Iraq last August may never know exactly what happened to their sons.

A recent NewsChannel5 exclusive investigation uncovered information that terrorists who killed six Marines on Aug. 1 may have been taken into custody.

The Marine Corps promised families that it would find out if the fallen were betrayed by Iraqi security forces, and would share the investigation after it was declassified.

Now, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich was told the report will remain classified.

Kucinich is angry and released this statement saying, "Those who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country do not deserve to have their families stonewalled by their government."

Kucinich said he will meet with Marine Corps officers in the coming weeks to find out why

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