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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

1350 AM - Radio Free Ohio

Right after the last election, Maciej and I realized something was very wrong with the network news. Why wasn't anyone talking about the exit polls? Why wasn't anyone talking about the problems with the Diebold machines? What about the problems with the recount? We wanted more information, a serious inquiry into the events. (We didn't expect to hear the whole thing was fixed just some decent journalism.) The only place to find any information was online, and that just wasn't cutting it for us.

So, I went out and bought Sirius Satellite Radio just for the Air America programming. It was awesome. Maciej and I huddled around our kitchen table and listened to Randy Rhodes scream about election fraud her entire show. Aha, other people thought something was fishy with this election too, others noticed the network stations were pretty much ignoring the issue! - we weren't alone :-)

We enjoyed listening to the Air America radio personalities for about a year. Then, Sirius and AAR went seperate ways and I was forced to switch to XM. I hated XM. I was too accustomed to my music programming on Sirius, so I went back to Sirius and returned my XM. It was disappointing, I did not enjoy a lot of the new SiriusLeft lineup and many of the shows I liked were on at times I couldn't really listen. And although, I like Michelangelo Signorile and Mojo Nixon, I always forget when and what channel they are on, since they are not on SiriusLeft. So I ended up mostly listened to music and some Ed Schultz here and there.

Then, I discovered Radio Free Ohio. What a great line up they have. I think Stephanie Miller is perfect for morning radio. Her show is very funny, which I find very refreshing. It is always nice to step back a little and laught at it all. Then - I get to listen to Al Franken at noon and he always has an informative show with interesting interviews. So, I am very satisfied with my progressive radio choices, once again. Thanks to 1350 Am, Radio Free Ohio.

I wish Sirius would get their stuff together and get some more progressive programming. Come on already- they have 2 rightwing channels, and then all the FOX crap and the other mainstream rightwing talking heads! It sucks, but at least I get a lot of great music channels and pretty much all the Morrissey I can handle. :-)

So, next time you are in the car weekdays at 9am try listening to Stephanie Miller on 1350 AM. I bet you laugh.

UPDATE: I don't know why but it seems that whenever anybody mentions Progressive Talk some winger has to jump up and say "Air America is going to fail". Really, who cares?

Whether, AAR fails or not - I am sure progressive talk radio is here to stay in some form or another. The mere fact that the wingers devote so much time into saying it's going to fail, makes me think it might be doing a little better than they expected. But, I don't know much about the radio business - I do know that everytime I listen to 1350AM there are more sponsors and the sponsors represent larger and larger companies. So, that seems like a good sign to me. And, 1350Am was dead last before it transitioned to the Progressive Talk format - any improvement is a money maker for ClearChannel. (ClearChannel owns 1350, not AirAmerica).

Anyways, I thought this was an interesting (if a little dated) diary about the beginnings of progressive talk. It mentions ClearChannels business model of changing formats on underperforming stations to Progressive Talk and the successes it has had with it. There is also this Time Magazine piece that reminds us that ClearChannel isn't into Liberal Philanthropy and it is picking up Progressive talk because it is a money maker and radios fasted growing format.

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Please don't post links to your rightwing garbage on my site. My article stated nothing about thier ratings and in fact boasts of the accomplishments of Jones Radio Network host Stephanie Miller.

But lets look at the facts anyways:
Al Franken beat WOR’s Bill O’Reilly’s AQH/Share and TSL with P12+, A25-54 and M25-54 for his overall show and for their shared hour. 12n-3pm,...Franken also had 1 hour higher TSL than Rush Limbaugh’s show heard on WABC with P12+ and 1 hour 45m higher TSL than Rush with A25-54.

Randi Rhodes, host of “The Randi Rhodes Show,” beat WABC’s Sean Hannity in New York with a 3.3 share to Hannity’s 3.0 share in the Men 25-54 demographic (3-7 p.m.). In addition, Rhodes beats Hannity in the Men 25-54 (3-6 p.m.) demographic, receiving a 3.3. share to Hannity’s 2.9. Randi saw great success overall in the Fall 2005 book

So not bad for a network under 2 years old. Next time you post to my blog if you can't get your facts straight at least try to stay on topic. 1350 AM is not AAR, it is a clearchannel station, with some AAR personalities, my diary talked about Stephanie Miller who is on the Jones Radio Network.

Gosh. Did you even read it?

Wow, Cindy, I'm so glad you posted this! My experience was almost exactly the same, except that I didn't actually go and switch to XM.

I got Sirius about a year and a half ago, and I loved listening to AAR. I also found Michelangelo Signorelli on OutQ and loved his show.

Then, the big let-down when AAR switched! I'm no Howard Stern fan, so thta's no compensation. I tried to stay with TalkLeft, but it wasn't the same. And, just like you said, I found AM 1350 and rediscovered my bliss. The only problem is I can't always get good reception on AM 1350 ... it seems to depend on the weather and where I am in my car!

If you like Morrisey you must be a First Wave listener. I really like that channel, but I'm a little tired of how much the DJs talk (especially Richard Blade). Lately I've been listening more to the Coffeehouse, Spectrum, Big 80's, E-Street Radio and Shuffle. Also, the three new Canadian music stations, and the BBC pop music channel.

Do you ever put on Sirius Disorder? It grows on you.

Thanks again for putting this up. I love Sirius. Also, I want AM 1350 to get lots of support!

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