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Monday, February 20, 2006 

65 Democratic Veterans running in 2006

Via: NoelSchultz

Band of Brothers is a growing and supported Democratic movement. Currently, 65 Democratic Veterans are running, 4 in Ohio (FIERST, David OH-03, SHIRA, Jack OH-13, WOLFE, John L. OH-13, SULZER, Joe OH-18) There are currently only 2 veterans nationwide running as republicans.
The leader of the Band of Brothers is Eric Massa. He organized the whole group and got the BoB2006 group started and VetPAC to support them. He is endorsed by Wesley Clark. He was running before Hackett entered the scene. Many other vets were as well. Just in the past few hours Mishonda Baldwin and Bill Winter posted here. Read there diaries and see if you see any hint of being cast down. So the luster may have gone out for some bloggers who liked Paul, but not for the fighting Dem candidates.

Of the vets running, 25 are unopposed. So the question is not about the primaries, here, but about the how well they can do in the General Election. Undoubtedly, there will be casulties, but the are building the Democratic Party from the ground up in their districts, so even if they lose they have made a step towards turning red districts to blue.

There are another 13 vets only opposed by one other Dem primary candidate and their vet status is likely to help them win the primary in most of them.

There are another half dozen with only two opponents in the Dem primary. Some of these have a good chance. An example is Andrew Horne who has gotten the support of DFA in his KY district over two non-vet candidates.

The others, about 20 or so, are large fields of candidates, mostly in open seats or where there is an especially vulnerable GOP candidate. Some of these have strong non-vet Fighting Dems that will deserve our support if they win. But maybe half a dozen to ten FDs have a shot at winning.

So this analysis shows that somewhere between a third and two thirds of the Fighting Dems might be running in the General Election.

We only need 15 seats to take over Congress. A combination of good non-vet fighting Dems and Fighting Dem vets bring a landslide victory to the Dems.
The Fighting Dems Website.

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