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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Blogger exposes Rumsfeld post 9/11 orders

Via The Guardian
Hours after a commercial plane struck the Pentagon on September 11 2001 the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was issuing rapid orders to his aides to look for evidence of Iraqi involvement, according to notes taken by one of them.

"Hard to get good case. Need to move swiftly," the notes say. "Near term target needs - go massive - sweep it all up, things related and not."

...These notes confirm that Baghdad was in the Pentagon's sights almost as soon as the hijackers struck.

Wow. How can people continue to believe in this administration and the so-called "War on Terror"? No wonder Bin Laden is still out there - they never even seriously tried to find him. They just wanted to get there hands on Iraq. Jerks.

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Last word in your post is Unbelievable. This is exactly what allows the conservatives to paint all liberals as whiney, shrill, emotional, immature babies and to say that we have no ideas, etc. If you cannot offer thoughtful, rational opinions then please do NOT call yourself a Liberal, a progressive, or even a Democrat because you are simply trashing all of us who are sincerely working hard to change things in this country and to do that we need to be taken seriously. Angry outbursts and infantile personal attacks may be emotionally satisfying but do incredible damage to our credibility. Liberals must begin to act like grown-ups or our ideas will never get a proper hearing.

If you don't think that Rumsfeld focusing on Iraq while planes crashed into the World Trade Center instead of focusing on BinLaden, Al Quaeda, the terrorist and our countries safety isn't jerky behavior then I say - you are endangering progressives even more with your inability to see the truth in favor of some so-called "Political Correctness". The victims deserved to have Bin Ladin bought to justice. The nation expected to have Bin Ladin bought to justice. The Adminstration didn't even care. That makes them jerks - plain and simple.

Well, I would say the logical continuation of this discussion would be to consider a possibility that the whole official 9/11 story may be suspect. Speaking specifically of Rumsfeld, his activities that day are a bit unclear, to say the least. He can be said, however, to have lucked out due to 9/11 as were it not for those terror attacks he would've likely had some major explaining to do...

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