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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Brown calls out the Bush Budget, Hackett throws a party

Sherrod Brown calls the Bush Budget Immoral:

Budgets are moral documents. The president wants to cut programs vital to millions of Ohioans to pay for tax cuts to his billionaire friends. Clearly the Republican leadership does not share the same values as Ohio families.

Consider the consequences if this morally reprehensible budget were to be passed into law:

  • Seniors already struggling with a broken Medicare drug plan would face $36 billion in cuts to Medicare over the next five years, and $105 billion over ten years.
  • Ohio veterans would see cuts in health care funding and $198 million would be cut from children's hospitals.
  • Taxpayers and school districts already burdened by unfunded mandates would be shortchanged an additional $15.4 billion in cuts to No Child Left Behind.

Even the few Americans who still take Bush as a man of his word must wince at this fact:

Despite calling for an end to America's "addiction to oil" in the State of the Union just last week, Bush proposed cutting programs to help Ohio industries improve energy efficiency.

This budget is not just irresponsible, it's immoral. This year is about choices. Will those of us who represent Ohio stand up for Ohio families, or give in to the demands of drug and oil lobbyists? The moral choice is clear -- Ohio families deserve better than the president's proposed budget.

Paul Hackett throws a fundraising party:
...I'm not surprised that Bush and DeWine picked Indian Hill for their big-money bash (a photo with the President costs $10,000). The President knows that Mike DeWine has the second worst approval rating in the Senate, and it will be hard for him to hold onto his seat in the U.S. Senate. Ohioans want real change, something that a career politician, like Senator DeWine, just cannot deliver.

So I have a plan, and I need your help. Bush and his big-bucks buddies are going to be in my backyard, so I want to be in your backyard. On February 23, we are asking our supporters throughout Ohio and the nation to throw a "We're Backin' Hackett" house party for my campaign for U.S. Senate.


...Of course I want to be at every party, but that is physically impossible, so we've scheduled a live conference call, so you and your guests can hear our message of real change and hope directly from me.

With your help, we can show President Bush that his big-money fund raising bashes are no match for the power of the grassroots! I look forward to "being in your backyard" and letting President Bush and his big-dollar friends know that they are not welcome in my backyard.
Really, someone will pay 10K to get a photo with Bush? Amazing. I guess it really does point out who the Republicans are representing and it is not the middle class and as Sherrod points out it's not Ohio children, seniors, or veterans. And from personal experience, it is not small business - it is the Insurance companies, Credit Card firms, Drug companies and the other big big businesses that profits off this corrupt batch of republican politicians. Sick.

Update: If you are wondering exactly where our taxes go, here is another diary along with a graphic that outlines exactly where every penny goes. Here's a hint, it pretty much ALL goes to military spending. What kind of nation do you want to build? What do you want your money to be spent on, supporting veterans, education and seniors or making war. It's that simple, we get to create the kind of country we want to be.

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