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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Frigolette to stay in State Senate Race

From the Press Release:
With Republican corruption dragging down Ohio's economy and limiting its growth and ability to serve its citizens effectively, Democrats in our state, and especially in Cuyahoga County, need new leaders and fresh ideas to win back control of the legislature. Instead, we continue to recycle the same people and ideas, and those already in power reward loyal friends and supporters by appointing them to public positions.

My name is Jennifer Frigolette, one that many of you may not yet recognize. I am Twenty-Four years old, and I have never run for public office before. I am one of two Democrats running in the May 2nd primary for the Ohio Senate Seat in District 23. I am running a low-budget, grassroots campaign, fueled by dedicated volunteers and a passion for change.

I didn't expect it would be easy to run in the Democratic primary May 2nd, but I was hoping that I would be given a fair chance. I was disappointed to learn that current District 23 State Senator Dan Brady is resigning to take a newly created job with Mayor Frank Jackson's administration and that he has appointed my opponent, Dale Miller, to fill his seat. The appointment will be official March 1, only two months before the May 2nd primary.

Although Mr. Miller will still have to run for the seat, he will have the advantage of being the incumbent. In addition, when Mr. Miller abandons his current position as 14th District State Representative, he will need to appoint someone to fill his empty seat, most likely one of the candidates currently running for that spot. In one move, these gentlemen have ensured that the Democrats currently in power can hand-select their friends and supporters for two General Assembly positions, giving them a head start on their primary opponents.

Fortunately, it is not up to Dan Brady to choose our next State Senator on May 2nd, 2006; it is up to the voters. This recent development will not scare me into abandoning my campaign to become the next District 23 State Senator. But it makes it even clearer to me how much the Democratic Party and the State Legislature need new blood.

For more information, contact Jennifer Frigolette at (216) 355-OHIO or Jen@Frigolette06.com
Another timely post calling out the status quo. I hope Jennifer does well.

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