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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Interview with Retired CIA Agent Robert Baer of Syriana fame

Wow. This is a good read. Check it out. Some excerpts:
...The people of America's fault. The irony is, we're dumping billions and billions of dollars every time we go to the gas pump into a jihad against us in Iraq that's killing American soldiers. I've read, "One kid is dying in Iraq so the father of the kid next door can drive his Hummer." And what's more, the money's coming from Japan and China, and in a certain sense from the Middle East, and then it's filtering back. Blackwater, SAIC, Custer Battle—all these companies just basically got the 20 billion dollars that was supposed to go into construction. Construction was never going to happen.

...(I) think people ought to start telling the truth, I think the president should get up and say, "All right, we're going to be in this for the next 50 years. The people who were supposed to retire at 60 now get to retire at 75." And then watch. And let the American people decide. I just don't think anyone in Washington can tell the truth.

...I think they have to do it on their own, at their own pace. I don't recall anybody arriving in the United States forcing democracy on Americans, or the British, or anybody else. It's a very racist attitude to think that it has to be done from outside.

...They're up to their ears in oil money, both the Democrats and the Republicans. There are lobbyists. It's connected to Osama Bin Laden, the Saudis are involved—the big secrets nobody wants to talk about. The American public is so goddamn confused as to what is going on. How come the Saudis were in the planes? How come we're friends with them? And all of this just acts as some kind of a smoke screen that allows this to continue while people are lining their pockets with gold.
The whole interview is filled with really good straight talk. These are just small excerpts, read the entire article.

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