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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Joe Finan on 1350AM Radio Free Ohio

Boy, was I shocked when I heard Joe Finan on 1350am today. I was expecting Al Frankin and instead I was listening to this guy who sounded like someones grandpa! Well, I gave him a chance and although his style was a little different than what I am used to, his message was right on. I didn't have a chance to listen to the whole show (only about 15min) but I did hear him say that "Judas Iscariot was a Republican"! Ha - that made me chuckle. Apparently, he has a long history in Cleveland radio. So, I think he'll work nicely in the line up. Frankin was moved to the 1-3 slot.

1350 am new weekday schedule:
6-9am Bill Press
9-11am Stephanie Miller
11am-1pm Joe Finan
12pm-3pm Al Franken
3pm- 6pm Ed Shultz
6pm-10pm Randi Rhodes
10pm-1am Lionel
1am - 5am Best of Al Franken
5am-6am Wall Street Journal this morning.

I am not sure what they cut for Joe (maybe they shortened Frankin?) but my favorites are still there. I do question putting Finan on after Miller since thier styles seemed opposite each other but what do I know about radio programming? :-)

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I was working second shift in a factory for Joes last broadcast at WNIR. Though I had a radio right next to me I could't hear what he said. Darn.
Then I had a lab at KSU that I couldn't miss during Joes first broadcast at 1350. Darn.

At WNIR Joe was the voice of sanity between the hate mongers show before his time slot and the idiots show that followed.

In the 15 or so years I listened to Mr. Fiman before the Kysers (sp?) didn't renew didn't renew his contract I can only remember a hand full or so of times I dissagreed with Joe in toto on a point, and I can remember only one , or maybe two, times I cringed at something Joe said.

Contrast that with daily dissagreements and cringings with the Hate Monger and Idiot.

Joe is one of the good guys. Give him a chance, I think he won't dissapoint.

About Joes history with broadcasting in Cleveland, I believe he was one of the founders of the Cleveland Institute of Broadcasting. Rock and Roll was effectively born in Cleveland with Alan Freed and Joe was right there with him.

There are other things in Joes history I would like to go into but, this isn't my Blog. ;)

Wart. concerns me that people who disagree with you are
"Hate Mongers and idiots".
I heard Joe talking about his "fat" replacement at WNIR... Is that the voice a loving open minded intellectual?

Work Hard.
Save your money..
Give to church (or Charities if you don't do that God thing)
Look out for the interests of your family and country.
Think with your the Head on your shoulders, not the one in your pants.
Listen to successful people (Not the losers, whiners . its everyone’s fault not mine voices)
Give people a change to prove/disprove their worth and their opinions (based on Direct experience and RELEVANT historical facts)
When you grow up; like i did;you'll discover your a Republican. !

Look JB

-I guarentee I work harder than you
-Give more to charities
-Love my country and work to protect the constitution
-Think with my head
and Heck, I don't need to listen to winners - I am a winner (you can keep listening though)

I have been grown up for a while and I am a Proud Democrat. If this list is what you truly believe than you need to reevaluate your party. They are a bunch of crooks who steal from the poor and less fortunate (that includes you and I), they stand for nothing but empty promises. They are the party of big government and inept management (watch how they blame everyone but themselves; the media, the liberals, the congress, heck Rumsfeld even blamed the troops anything but take responsibilty) . And yes - many of thier talk show personalities are filled with hate. (Ann Coulter alone covers killing a supreme court justice, murdering Bill Clinton and eliminating all "ragheads" - calling someone "fat" is barely a comparision.)

Just try listening to a little more liberal talk, maybe you'll wake up and realize you've been played by all those so-called conservatives out there. Becuase anyone whom values the things you claim to is obviously a Democrat.

Judas Iscariot was a Republican in that he betrayed a good and noble man for money. Just like the Republicans of today, who have betrayed our good and noble country for money!

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