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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Looking bad for Carolyn Fisher

The Cleveland Heights Police department states it has 4 witnesses while Carolyn Fisher (who was arrested for hanging posters) is still unsure if any of hers will come forward.

Via Sun Press:
The prosecution supposedly has four witnesses who will back up claims that Fisher attacked Cleveland Heights officers Daniel Downey and Mike Frinzel.

Fisher claims she was the one who was brutalized,'' but is still looking for witnesses to back up her side of the story.

Fisher's friends and supporter have been out on Lee Road the past few weeks looking for people who may have seen what happened.

We have talked to a lot indivudals,'' Shields said. Some may be coming in. Some may not.''

Sitting alone quietly in the courtroom last week, surrounded by others waiting to be arraigned, Fisher said, It never should have gotten to this point, but it looks like it's going to trial.
It is starting to look more like her claims are exaggerated. When someone brags about causing a controversy while in the middle of one? Not Smart. Regardless, I wish the CH police department would have been better equiped to handle this.

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