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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

More votes counted than voters on Ohio Diebold Machines

In case you didn't see this one (Via NordicOnKos & BradBlog):
Diebold Inc., one of America's largest voting machine companies, likes to claim that there's never been any substantial problem with their touch-screen machines in any election in America.

You may not be surprised to hear that claim is patently untrue.

As reported in yesterday's Middletown Journal , a special "re-vote" will be held tomorrow in Montgomery county, OH on an issue where last November's election results were set aside due to more votes being cast on Diebold's AccuVote TSX touch-screen voting machines than there were actually registered voters who voted!
Nordic points out that in 4 out of 5 Americans will vote on these machines this fall.

Add this story to the pile of stories about the "problems" with the electronic voting machines. Every voter should be upset with these problems and want to get to the facts. This is not a partisan issue, if your candidate won - they'll be able to accomplish more if the voters believe the election was won fair and square, you'll also realize that - these same tactics will one day be used on an issue or candidate that you might not so readily agree with whether from within your party of choice or outside.

Here is a an interesting but older story from the Baltimore Chronicle, it expands on the problems with the voting machines and more importantly, the people involved with the companies that make the machines.
Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold:
The specter of corporations, littered with ex-CIA types, that both control the voting systems and train the armies of countries around the world, is an emerging and frightening reality.
I realize most people will blissfully ignore any information that might make them doubt our democracy, but - as an American it is our duty to protect our country from all enemies - even enemies within, even enemies pretending to act in our best interest. We are a country built by the people and for the people and when the people stop having a legitimate say, or even if the people start doubting that they have a legitimate say - trouble is brewing. So, take this issue seriously, you don't have to run around crying the sky is falling but be aware of what is happening and demand the facts. Whatever the outcome, an honest investigation will make our country stronger.

Before, I get back to work - I'll leave you with a link to the report by nonpartisan Goverment Accountablity Office (pdf) regarding the electronic voting machines.
The report concludes that "Concerns about electronic voting machines have been realized and have caused problems with recent elections, resulting in the loss and miscount of votes."

Examples of Voting System Problems and Vulnerabilities:
-Cast ballots, ballot definition files, and audit logs could be modified.

-Supervisor functions were protected with weak or easily-guessed passwords.

-Systems had easily picked locks and power switches that were exposed and unprotected.

-Local jurisdictions misconfigured their electronic voting systems, leading to election day problems.

-Voting systems experienced operational failures during elections.

-Vendors installed uncertified electronic voting systems.

Why isn't anything being done about this? Why isn't anyone in the national media reporting on this?

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You are so right about the media blackout on this! It's as though anyone who mentions problems with electronic voting is assumed to be a conspiracy theorist and therefore unworthy of prominent news coverage. This ought to be front-page news everywhere!

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