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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Morning Round Up

Every morning, my husband always asks "whats going on in your world?" So, I think I'll try to post my morning blog round up daily - for him and other who don't have the time to surf progressive blogs. (We'll see if I can find the time to do it consistently!)

DailyKos: New Abu Graib photos and Dems can't live with'em can't live without'em
AmericaBlog: Alot about Cheneys gunshot victim and the White Houses efforts to stop domestic spying investigation
HuffPost: GOP Katrina Report -A Failure of Initiative cost lives and prolonged suffering

HaveCoffeeWillWrite: Great story on how Republicans won in Cleveland Heights (very timely)
Psychobilly Dem: Going after High and Broad for "Is there a rabbi in the house" Fingerhut comment. (Suggesting possible fraud)
BuckeyeSenate: Links to Hackett on Big Ed show, I heard some of this interview and he doesn't sound as mad as the bloggers :-)
Callahan Clevelands Diary: Marc Dann and "Did Hackett Jump or was he Pushed?"
WritesLikeSheTalks: Ohio BOE eliminates intellgent design language
Pho: Was having some technical difficulties but seems to be up now
Plunderbound: Needs a break after the emothional Hackett ride, pointing out the unique advantage Hackett had in a Red State like ours.
Ohio2006: Grendall dropping out of AG race? Petro investigated by FBI, Assailed by Balckwell.
DeMagnoOpera: Cheneys shooting incident, the media and the holes in the official story

I think I might change format a little tomorrow but today - I'm off to give that baby a bath. Thanks Everyone.

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