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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos:5 of the 8 recommended dairy on Cheney, including: Cheney Lied to Prosecutors; Fitz Suspects Emails Destroyed; Gonzales Withholds Emails and speculation he might be replaced.
AmericaBlog:Death squads operating in Iraq
HuffPost: Cheney shoots three presidents in Oval office mishap by Steve Martin and on a more serious note Rice is asking for 75 million to promote democracy in Iran.

GrandpaBoy:Information on a silent auction to establish a scholarship fund for miners, who have been killed or injured in West Virginia mines, and their dependants.
Pho: A solid analysis of the Hackett pull out written without hostility
Psychobilly Dem: The goal is to take back Congress
Stubborn Liberal: Updates us on the progress of "the Wicked Witch of the South" Katherine Harris and the lack of progress in Iraq
Ohio2006: Brinkman not challenging Schmidt
BuckeyeSenate: Cheney irresponsible
Plunderbound: Still having a hard time with the Hackett withdrawal, undergoing self examination and expressing himself through graphic design via some updated Hackett graphics :-)

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Thank you for spreading the word about the miners' benefit.

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