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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos:Science Friday and Global Warming: A new worst case scenario
AmericaBlog:Specter now denying any special links to $50M to lobbyist
HuffPost: Walmart CEO scolds employees for questioning company policies.

Brewed Fresh Daily: Tim ridding the internet of anonymous commenters, well at least they have to do it from home or the library. :-) Chris Redfern and the ODP at MTB.
Psychobilly Democrat: Brown needs to release a statement about Hackett withdrawal. (I think a joint appearance would be even better!)
Word Of Mouth: Scott has a political hangover from the 13th.
Writes Like She Talks: Action without Borders info
Callahan's Cleveland Diary: No Democracy Reduction in 2006, Council reduction plan not on May ballot
Stubborn Liberal: Chertoff and Rumsfeld luddites!
Buckeye Senate: Hackett Swiftboated and we could lose Stricklands seat.
Pho: Meet Betty Sutton

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Because anonymous comments aren't appreciated on "Brewed Fresh Daily," I'll respond here to your comments there re Tim Russo's "rules." In short, I heartily agree with you! (I'll add that if someone chooses to discount my opinion because I post anonymously, I have absolutely no problem with it.)

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