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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Morning Round Up

Well, this is probably more like an evening round up since I am up a little early today. Here goes:

DailyKos: Bush Adminstration spying on disloyal Republicans, facing lawsuits and CIA leak case updates
AmericaBlog:Bush outsourcing control of 6 major US ports to Arab nations with ties to terrorism. Yikes.
Huffington Post: Cheney shooting story filled with discrepencies...

Ethics Chairman Voinovich refusing to probe collegues ties to corrupt lobbiest
Abramoff.GrandpaBoy: Practical advice for the Grassroots. (Common sense advice if you really want to accomplish something and not just bitch, not that there is anything wrong with bitching! ) :-)
Pho: Blah blah transparency....The Communications director for the Democrats legislative caucus was using Blackwells typology! (Wow, that is an eye opener - thanks Pho.)
Stubborn Liberal: Walmart employees can not express opinions
Meet the Bloggers: The Redfern Podcasts are up. (I thought they were very interesting - great questions from the group and enlightening answers from Redfern.)
Swing State Ohio: Oh06 candidate in Jeopardy
Ohio13: Trust come from sites that acknowledge their biases and one extremely Pro-Craig Foltin doesn't do that. Then, which candidate will overperform our estimate by the biggest margin? Also mentions an email from Pho about Sutton. (Lots going on here!)
People Have the Power: Petro panders (Weasel words from our senator)
Ohio2006: Columbus area races updates

A great bunch of diaries today. I really enjoyed reading them. Thanks.

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