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Monday, February 20, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos- Permanent bases in Iraq, Privatizing the national forests and public lands
AmericaBlog- Navy General Counsel warned about torture 2 years before Abu Ghraib.
HuffPost-Play the Dick Cheney Hunting Game (really - it's an online game)

GlassCityJungle- Primary Candidates and the Internet
StubbornLiberal - Trusting Bill Frist? 50K infants on terrorist list and UPS moving from Brown to Green. (Fun and interesting diary)
Plunderbound - Moving toward podcasting (throw some money in the hat)
WritesLikeSheTalks- ODP endorsement process
Pho - info about taking the Fair Schools Campaign Survey (if you have time, take the survey here)
Psychobilly Dem - Polling Ohio (Dramatic and emotional anaylsis of lastest poll)
Openers - Foltin not worried about release of sex tapes (Hmm, telling someone they have a great bum is a sex tape? I suspect there is more but we'll see)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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you know, this roundup is a good idea...i hope you keep it up. i'll be checkin' in.

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