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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Morning Round Up

I missed a day, so some might be a little behind.

DailyKos: Alot on the Port Security scandal, a nice diary in reply to Why Bubba Votes GOP.
AmericaBlog: Supreme Court hears Colorado redistricting case
HuffPost: Republican Revolt and a round up of Cheney jokes

Pho: "The Good Soldier" (excellent commentary on the Hackett leak)
PeopleHavethePower: A challenger in every district, recent poll analysis
Plunderbound: I enjoyed this diary on "Bush and Alternative Energy, Like Oil and Water." heh :-)
Openers: Brown was going too fast and a Flannery interview.
Stubborn Liberal: Watches Oprah and has to wash his brain! (port security issues)
Dispassionate Lib: Democrats, Who inspires you?
PsychobillyDem: First read this post by Palehorse explaining the dueling blogs and then go read the diaries about Betty Sutton and recent poll analysis.
GlassCityJungle: Lisa transcribes Sherrod Browns visit to LCYP and UCDems (lengthy but worth it)
WordofMouth: Good News from Lorain.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for thier feedback these last few days. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement that I have heard from so many of you. For some, We'll have to agree to disagree.

Again, thank you for taking part in this conversation.

I'll leave you with a Letterman Top 10 Cheney Joke.
Top Ten Reasons Not to Go Hunting with Dick Cheney:

10. Jack Daniels
9. Makers Mark
8. Old Crow
7. Old Grandad
6. Old Forester
5. Jim Beam
4. Rebel Yell
3. Canadian Club
2. Southern Comfort

And the Number One Reason not to go hunting with Dick Cheney: Wild Turkey.

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