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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos:UAE and White House had a secret deal, The Cost of Republican Corruption
AmericaBlog: O'Reilly says it is time to "cut and run"
HuffPost: Iraq on Brink of Civil War, many interesting diaries today in featured posts.

ClevelandHomeless - Asks us not to see DateMovie (I wouldn't) also a neat diary about homeless bloggers (a little older but still worth reading)
Callahan - Has some great comments on the "incident" at his new diary see here and here
ClevelandUberAllies - Supporting college radio, (nostaligic and fun reading-We really do have some great college station in Cleveland!)
Ohio2006 - Updated Candidate list, Grassbaugh and Collier in the 90th
Ohio13 - An invitation to all campaign managers and staff (like MTB without audio - great idea, I hope we see some takers)
StubbornLiberal - How Republicans have hurt us
AtheistMama - Local man arrested for drinking childrens urine! (Yikes, I guess this is one of those "you can't make it up stories")
PsychobillyDemocrat - The things a Campaign Should Do.
PeopleHavethePower - From Day #1, Tom Noe was pocketing funds with mugshot photo
DispassionateLiberal - K.I.S.S. Advice for Dems (I especially liked " They're greedy, we're for the needy.")
LawDork - ODP PrePrimary endorsments with rough transcript of the Endorsment Meeting

And a funny from Bill Maher:
"To the vice president's credit, he did own up to it. On FOX News he said the fault was his, he can't blame anybody else. Boy, it's amazing, the only time you get accountability out of this administration is when they are actually holding a smoking gun." --Bill Maher

Thanks everyone, I'll be away from the computer today. So I won't be able to update until late.

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I find myself reading your blogg more and more after the "incident". If you are keeping score on the possitive responses in Callahan's Blogg on the "incident". (9) comments do not support or approve what you did and (4) approved.

Have a good day


You are not gaining any ground here.

You should let it die out.

Not trying to, just pointing out facts.

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