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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos - Following the birdFlu and Jerome kills off the Iranian Oil Bourse story.
AmericaBlog - Not sure where "civil war" fits into Bush Iraq Victory Plan
HuffPost - New commercial has tech to get around Tivo ad skipping, Murtha: We've Lost the Hearts & Minds of the Iraqi People

AtheistMama - Is worried about her father in Iraq and reading Baghdad Burning.
StubbornLiberal - Makes a great point about Bush using the term "My Goverment" and points our his "flip flops" on national security and continues folowing the port scandal.
DispassionateLib - Points out that a sheik for UAE donated over 1 million to the Bush Library Foundation
Openers -
Confirming Roves role in Ohio 2006
Psychobilly Democrat - Mutual Assured Destruction
GrandpaBoy - Joe Sulzer interview
Ohio 13 - Gary Kucinich in the PD
Pho - Must be busy with his new job at the Ohio Fair Schools Campaign,(take the school funding survey here) maybe he'll find time to post over the weekend.

TechLink - Weighing in on the "incident" Self-righteousness -- A Virtue of the NE Ohio Blogosphere

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Hey, thanks for the mention. Needless to say, my fear grows by the hour. I'm enjoying your blog, as well as the rest of the blogs that are coming out of NE Ohio. Glad to have found your corner of the internet, and I suppose I'm glad that I wasn't around to read about this terrible "incident" that must have occured. :-)

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