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Saturday, February 25, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos- Zero Iraqi Battalions are ready to fight without US support
AmericaBlog - Profile in Spinelessness: Paul Bremer
HuffPost - Bob Dole lobbies for Dubyai port firm causing major problems for his senator wife

DispassionateLiberal - Tipping Point in Iraq, Conservatives jumping ship on Adminstration
StubbornLiberal - It's actually 21 ports not 6 in UAE deal and cancelling SD travel plans.
Pho - A must read commentary on Hackett/Brown fiasco which includes these tidbits
"...everyone I have read has given Hackett that benefit of doubt. Of course, he hasn’t returned the favor to Sherrod Brown...."

"The Hackett Brigade loves to remind us that Hackett getting run out of the primary has alienated his supporters. True. Hackett's subsequent actions have alienated those of us on the fence about him. He better be happy that his political career is over; he’s pretty much burnt down what’s left of it"
Ohio2006 - New polls in AG race
Openers - Chocolatier produces commerative coins featuring NOE and his 53 indictments.
AtheistMama - Port Authorities of NY and NJ file lawsuit & injuctions against port deal

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