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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos - What do the troops say? get us out of Iraq. Diebold whistleblower charged with 3 felonies.
AmericaBlog - Poor planning reasons for failures in Iraq, Questions unasked by press concerning 9/11 and intelligence
HuffPost - Veterans suffer major health care cuts under Bush Budget, Republican party in Free Fall

Dispassionate Liberal - Cheney Retiring?
Ohio13 - Northern Medina County Dems Event details, Betty Sutton website is up
Pho - MTB Betty Sutton wrap up, Why she is the better candidate: pride, residency, narrative, understand the facts plus she's not afraid to ask a question.
Ohio 2006 - Griffith hold kick-off breakfast (D 19th), Franchetti withdraws (D 27th)
SwingStateProject - Wilson (OH -06) goes for the write in vote option. (Alot of skeptism in the comments.)
Openers - Betty Montgomery fails to win support of Miami County Republican Party and Republicans reveal some "dirt" on Hackett.
Stubborn Liberal - Bush at 34%, Cheney at 18%, Veterans face medical benefit cuts, Republicans fail at National Security (again).

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