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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

Questionable Hackett Site Wants your Money

A site claiming to want your help "Drafting Paul Hackett to the US Senate" has some questionable aspects to it. I suspect it is a scam.

HackPac.com has only existed a few days but it is already accepting funds to a PO Box, it has not disclosed it's FEC number, there is no record of them at the states business inquiries site and they don't provide contact information. Even more suspicious, it is impossible to determine the owner of the domain name because it is officially held by a middle man service - DomainsbyProxy.com. (Domains by Proxy is private registration firm that allows individuals to get around the ICANN requirements. ICANN requires every registrar to have a publicly accessable whois).

Who would pay to get around the requirements and keep thier identity a secret?

Whatever the reason, I would not give them any money. It just seems too fishy.

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Nice research, Cindy. Thank you.

maybe it's a net savvey brown staffer? hell, they did it with blogads, why not this?

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