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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

SherrodBrown.com - Brown unveils new website

Nice site
...I'm proud to have served my constituents in Congress for the past 12 years and before that as Ohio Secretary of State for two terms. I have fought against policies in Congress – supported by Mike DeWine – that hurt Ohio families. I have fought to strengthen worker protections, support investment in Ohio businesses and promote job creation, make education affordable, protect Ohio’s lakes and park lands, reduce the cost of gas and home heating, and make prescription drugs affordable for Ohio seniors.

And now, I want to take the fight for Ohio families to U.S. Senate. We've got to put a stop to the pay-to-play system that runs unchecked by Republicans like our current senator Mike DeWine.

You have demanded change in Ohio, and I have heard your call. Join me to make this change a reality. Together we will expand access to health care, build a better education system for our children, secure our ports, protect the environment, free seniors from high medical bills, and bring jobs back to Ohio.

We are in this together.
Emphasis mine.

Well done - but pretty standard campaign site (I suppose GrowOhio is the more "cutting edge" version of a campaign/political site). He needed one of these anyways, it is easy to get around and covers all the bases: background, experience, on the issues, "On the Road" travel blog, contact, news, press releases, volunteer, ect.

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