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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Uh Oh - Buckeye Senate is taking on the PD.

Well, it mostly looks like a bit of a scuff over the Hackett piece.

But then there is this interesting tidbit about the PD being in clear violation of election law. It seems the PD pretty much posted a Blackwell blog page (without noting it was from the blog) in it's entirety and didn't put out a disclaimer saying who paid for the ad.

High and Broad
seems to think it is a big deal about nothing.
The Plain Dealer is only bound by its sense of fairness and it's duty not to libel people. No court in the country is going to look at that Blackwell puffery as a campaign contribution.

More importantly: What in the world is the point of picking this fight?

Is there any doubt at all that Jim Petro, Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown, Paul Hackett and everyone else will get their chance to regurgitate their campaign message on The Plain Dealer's new site?

I understand why BSB would pick a fight - if he thinks Blackwell is getting a free endorsement , on the same day his favorite Dem, Hackett gets chastised for voting Republican and both happenings occur on the same PD webpage - well, it does seem a bit contrived. But, that doesn't mean that it is. I sincerely hope High and Broad is correct and soon we will see similiar pages devoted to Strickland, Brown and Hackett.

But I do understand why many, including BSB, do not trust the media companies and the corporations who back them. They do a lot to help form public opinion and often it seems that their business aspirations outweigh their journalistic integrity. We see this over and over again on the national level, why wouldn't it occur locally? So, all in all, I guess, I am glad BSB picked the fight.

The dispute should be easily cleared up and someone has to keep local media on thier toes. I am glad BSB is willing to stick his neck out there. That's what blogs are for.

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BSB taking on the PD didn't surprise or disappoint me, but Model500's post at High & Broad did. Man! What's the point of the tone he/she is taking? Way too hostile toward BSB, way too deferential to the PD.

Personally, I'm thinking of the Open as being on probation. There are things I like about it, but there are things that bother me, and this catering to Blackwell is one. Maybe if they provided space to Blackwell and Strickland simultaneously, I'd not be bothered. But this isn't right.

I agree with you 100%. Sometimes tone is hard to interpret online, so I cut H&B some slack, but my intial instinct was it seemed a little harsh. And I am also curious to see what the PD Open turns into, I just think that giving Blackwell this much space seems a little weird but I'll see what they do next. Simultaneous space would be ideal.

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