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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

While I'm at it - more commentary on anonymous blogging

Does anyone think it is weird that Redhorse and in fact all the "other" bloggers on both his sites are anonymous? Why isn't he held to the same standards that Tim demands of everyone else? Also, why does he claim to be a democrat on one blog but then state he is a republican on the other?

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Funny how a comment from Jason turns into a post about him. Now I very concerned about the reputation of the Northeast Ohio blogosphere...

once again, cindy, you're an idiot.

let's walk through this one more time, slowly, ok?

if you are anonynmous, that's fine.

if you use the anonymity to act like an ass and attack people or lie about your biases, that's NOT fine.

if you are a middle-aged female in cleveland hts. who needs a good man to show her how it feels to be a woman again....oh wait....sorry, got side tracked there.

Finding out that one of your fellow bloggers seems to be impersonating a democrat in one blog while claiming to be a republican in another, all the while remaining anonymous, seemed to be post worthy to me. (especially considering the "new rules") It does not matter whether my intention was drawn to him over a comment he made or otherwise.

Tim- keep talking. I actually thought someone was posing as you because even I thought you wouldn't be making my job this easy.

what job? you have a job here?

by the way, where'd your picture go? you were so hot.

It's rather difficult to remain anonymous when you call, send email, and show up to blogger meetups, all of which redhorse has done.

Just because he's listed on a blog with a title BaldGOP, doesn't necessarily make him Bald or Republican. In fact, if I were to hazard a guess, I would say that the person who does BaldGOP has his blog configured so that "Only Members of this Blog" can comment. Check your blog settings to verify the rationality.

I have fallen off keeping up with my blog, but to set the record straight: BaldGOP is not a site maintained or managed by the Billy or the Horses. Bald GOP is a friend of ours from the other side of the aisle; a friend we would walk into traffic for if he asked... Even if he is afflicted with the disease of being a Republican.
I love how a new form of media has become a slapfight from everyone's fucking basement. This is how the blogs become neutralized: we eat our own.
I am a Democrat. But if someone finds out I am a native Southerner and an Army veteran, does that mean I'm not a true Dem?
Time for some more hummus and Fair Trade...

next moronic comment, cindy? perhaps you should consult with kos before making a further ass of yourself, he's better at it than you.

Now Tim is attacking Cindy sexually? Ironic statements about her looks and innuendo about her state of sexual satisfaction?

Obviously, true identities do nothing to increase the tenor of discussion.

These posts need to be archived. I wonder if he'd attack a man sexually?

Again, Cindy, you're research is half-baked. And besides, how close to the bone did I hit? Sever a nerve on the way to the marrow?

BaldGOP, as Pale stated above, is written by a friend of ours from the other side of life. When he first started the blog up, he asked several of us if we wanted to be involved for purposes of "he said/she said" (Jane, you ignorant slut sort-of stuff). I agreed and so added him to PBD for similar purposes.

While that sounded great then, I soon found out it didn't work well in terms of time. He didn't post at our place, we didn't post at his.

Plus PBD was developing its own identity and core readership, well beyond my expectations. You'll notice that Knight is no longer on our Members list b/c I removed him last week. I just hadn't gotten around to asking him to remove me from BaldGOP.

Another research issue Cindy: have I once posted or commented at BaldGOP? Did you bother to look that up? Go to his blog and search redhorse, you'll find nothing.

As for the blog name, he can call it any damn thing he chooses, it's his blog property, not mine. Remember I accepted an invitation from him, we didn't jointly decide to start a blog called BaldGOP. And did you read the tagline? It reads: A Blog for Bald Republicans, and anyone else! Hmmm, seems inclusive, no?

As for my political affiliation, I pull Dem tickets in primaries. I have never voted GOP, not even for judge. If I lacked knowledge of party ID when standing in the booth looking at a non-partisan race, I have skipped it.

I have worked/volunteered for Dems in the past, and will do so in this and future cycles.

For the record, I have done nothing deceptive. You (again research issues; perhaps you could take a research methods class sometime to learn about structure and validity) could have used my email to find out more. Instead, you engaged in the same sort of drivel you did last night, except this time it's about me. What's next? Going after BaldGOP for having Dem friends? Maybe an National Enquirer level reportage of "Did Tom Sawyer Really, REALLY Vote for NAFTA"?

For being so worried about NEO's blogging rep, you've driven a wedge in yours.

Tim, for someone who purports himself to be an experienced political insider you have displayed a stunning lack of understanding of crisis communications.

What should have been a one day blog story continues to rage five days later. Keep heaping gasoline on that fire.

Your anonymous blogger jihad is a strawman for being pissed off that you lost your job and were exposed for the petty fraud that you are. Whether your birth name is out there in public or not is irrespective of the poor reputation for childish, vindictive behavior that you have deservedly earned in local political circles.

By your way of thinking, Wilma Smith has no credibility since she works under an assumed name and a veil of secrecy behind a whole lot of bad plastic surgery.

As to your sexual threats toward Cindy and evident hostility toward women, get some help. Now. The previous therapy apparently didn't work.

emmy dash, you're so hot when you anonymously parrot armando's trash. let's do lunch.

To quote Tim "if you use the anonymity to act like an ass and attack people or lie about your biases, that's NOT fine."

So, is it OK to act like an ass when you're NOT anonymous? If not then isn't behaving as an ass the problem and anonymity has nothing to do with it?

I mean, you're behaving as an ass and I don't think it's OK whether you put your name to it or not.

So isn't this concern over anonymity really just a buch of crap then? If so, why would you be spreading so much crap?

In fact are we not learning that the more anonymity we have, the better the discussion will be and that you are completely wrong?

so will you be adding a "russo watch" to your daily roundup? and where the hell is that anyway? getting sidetracked?

Anonymous, I could not disagree with you more. What I have learned and seen, being an outsider, is 100% of the anonymous posters are probably Brown supporters. Personally, I have never had anything against Brown. Quite honestly, I don’t know anything about him. But his supporters can’t seem to take the heat and will trash anyone and everyone that has anything negative to say against him. It seems so obvious with what is going on. Brown's supporters almost always hide behind anonymity and seem like cowards. To Cindy’s credit, at least she didn't hide, but she sure opened herself up for criticism and makes you question her motive. It seems like this has become very personal and one ask why? You guys have brought a lot of attention to you and Ohio. Good Luck.

Yeah, I got home this afternoon from volunteering at my son's school & w-o-w, all hell is breaking loose on the blogosphere. I then see a post on this site taking direct aim at my blog brothers and myself--simply because Redhorse dared to question the blog owner.

Now, Redhorse & Palehorse have both spoken up and explained the BaldGOP connection. Kinda made this whole post look kinda silly didn't it? Had you emailed anyone of us we would have been happy to explain it.

As for my using a psuedonym as opposed to identifying myself, I choose to do that because of the type of job I have. However, my pseudonym clearly IDs me whenever I post a comment & always links back to my blog & email--thus the difference btn using a pseudonym & being anonymous. I will continue to do so, though many people do in fact know who I am.

anonymous |əˈnänəməs| adjective (of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name

coward |ˈkou-ərd| noun a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.

Lets be clear. I see a big difference between a pseudomyn post and a anonymous post and do not consider a pseudomyn blogger as being anonymous or hiding. Now if there are several pseudomyns for one person and a person is posting from both on the same blog or to different blogs, I think there is a potential problem.

Curtis, that may be your experience but I'm watching this thread and by far the most offensive things said are by someone whose name is in the clear.

Had Tim been posting anonymously or pseudonymously we would not be talking about any of this at all.

I think that would have been better than this.

So, you may have been seeing ugly anonymous posts on other threads but THIS thread should make it clear that posting with real names does not improve the calibre of the discussion.

Strange that Tim, who complained about the credibility of anonymous bloggers, would then come here and demonstrate how little having an exposed identity matters to the tone of one's post.

Anonymous, I find your comment interesting. It appears Tim has no fear and is not afraid of criticism. Russo doesn’t hide or coward up. In the short time I have been in your world, I have seen a lot of bombs thrown his way. He has taken them head on and dished out many of his own. The point being, you can like him or dislike him, depending on your side of the issue, but "he doesn't hide" and everyone knows exactly who this man is. He takes the heat and fights back for all to see. It has been very entertaining and often humorous. The only sad thing I see from all this, this may have cost him his job due to the vindictive nature of the people he offended.

Right. OTHER people's vindictiveness -- not his own self-destructive bombast. Got it.

If you saw my recent comment on the previous post, you know I disagree with Redhorse on the Russo thing. But I have the back of my boys in the Billy. I've been in touch with Red by email since before they launched PSD and have met both he and Palehorse. I also blog with a pseudonym, though if you don't know my name by now you haven't been paying attention.

Russo's post that set all this off was about someone (ODP high-level insider) pretending to be someone else (some guy.) That first and foremost is what we have to police against. The Horses at the 'Billy are what they say they are, rest assured.

Thank you, Pho.

Curtis, you descibed in detail Tim's behavior:

"Tim has no fear and is not afraid of criticism. Russo doesn’t hide or coward up."

"He has taken them head on and dished out many of his own."

"'he doesn't hide' and everyone knows exactly who this man is."

Yes, all clearly true. And you say all this like his behavior is admirable. But what you fail to explain is why any of this is good. Yes, he behaves like an ass and does so with his real name, and we benefit how? We still have a man acting like an ass and throwing sexual insults and inappropriate innuendo around.

The assumed desirabilty of people posting with real identities has not been demonstrated here.

Further you say:

"The only sad thing I see from all this, this may have cost him his job due to the vindictive nature of the people he offended."

That's the ONLY "sad" thing you see here? What about:

"if you are a middle-aged female in cleveland hts. who needs a good man to show her how it feels to be a woman again"

I can tell you that I would not hire any man who would speak like that to someone. It's fine that he's angry and it's fine that he expresses his anger and let's Cindy know that he doesn't think well of her but "by the way, where'd your picture go? you were so hot."???

I could never trust Tim to maintain the dignity and professionalism of the work place when I know such comments are not beneath him.

Hopefully, for the sake of working women everywhere, any future employer who considers hiring Tim will google him first and will come across this thread.


You know who I am, you know who Tim is, don't have a clue who you are. But yet, you will criticize me anonymously for sticking up for a fellow blogger, who to me has a very damaging past he has to deal with. His past was aired out for all to see, because someone disagreed with his opinion.

You can interpret Tim's comment anyway you want anonymously. You can think he is an ass anonymously. But I see Tim responding to a personal attach in the only way he knows how. Lewd and crude!!! Is it right or wrong? That is for you to decide. Some may be offended others may think it funny. But again I do not see him hiding anonymously.

I think Pho said it best. We don't know what is in Tim's heart and his supporters are hoping we are not being played for idiots. I don't know the facts behind Tim's past problems and want to believe that after 4 years, not being registered as a sex offender, not going to jail, this was a non-event and a mistake in judgment.

Look I have 3 young children 3-8 in age and am very protective. I don’t know Tim personally. I am not going to defend Tim’s past. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and if I am wrong, I was fooled.

Mr. Fernandez

We don't know who you are. You are completely anonymous. You're email address is anonymous, your profile is anonymous, you do not even give a link to your blog - We do not know you. I actually suspect you are a known blogger using a pseudonym - probably several. You do seem to know Tim very well but yet you say "you don't know him personally"? Hmm. Didn't you meet him when you dicussed the book deal?

Anyways, nothing new is coming out of this discussion. I would give it a rest.

Once again Curtis, you failed to explain how any of this would be better if anonymous posters were not here. You are seem to be offended by my anonymity but I have been one of the civil posters on this thread.

And why did you bring up Tim's past? I never made any comment about his past. I'm talking about his behavior right here in this thread. It wasn't even in Cindy's post that we're replying to.

We know who Tim, true. Why is that better? You don't know who I am. Why is that a problem? I still don't know.

"Lewd and crude!!! Is it right or wrong? That is for you to decide. Some may be offended others may think it funny."

Curtis, trying to sexually humilate a person is not funny... just for future reference.

Anyway, I've given a tangible reason why anonymous posting is better, that is, had Tim been anonymous he would not be here insulting Cindy and behaving so childishly.

It's clear you dislike anonymous posting, but what I can't get out of you is if there's a practical reason for it or is it just some hang up of yours.

As far as I can tell, you don't like what I'm saying and you only use the fact that I am anonymous to suggest that my comments are some how less valid, or more disruptive than non-anonymous posters such as Tim.

It's the idea expressed, not the name attached, that's important.

Funny thing. I did a web search and my web page seems to still be out there even though it is out dated. What, you want to character assassinate me now? You assume a lot of things don't you

Sorry, I meant the last comment to Cindy.

For the record, I could care less if you post anonymously or not. I only have a problem with anonymous posters attaching other people and their opinions and hiding behind anonymity. That's all, end of story. Obviously you were offended by Tim's comments and for my opinion on that matter. So shoot me!!! I apologize for expressing an opinion and hurting your little feelings.

Hey, I'm going to use an anonymous post, because I don't feel comfortable letting an armed convicted criminal like Tim Russo know my name and where I live.

"armed convicted criminal"...I think a bit harsh.. and at this point in time, you would probably be the least of his worries. I guees you are the type that will pile on him anonymously the rest of his life? Not right, completely wrong and may the good lord find forgiveness in your soul.

I understand Curtis. I was asking for the reason. Apparently there is no reason. You just don't like it.

Seems to me that the content of your post says much more about you than any name, assumed or otherwise.

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