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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Witness in Carolyn Fisher / CH Police arrest speaks out

Up until this point in the the drama, we have only heard one version of the arrest of Carolyn Fisher and that was Carolyn Fishers. The city has decided to remain silent as this case goes to court.

Ms. Fisher in numerous new articles and a website has stated, she was trying to hang posters in CH, the officer told her to stop, she protested "why?" and then said she would take them down, the officer asked for her license, when she did not hand it over the situation became heated and eventually escalated to a pretty violent affair. She painted the police department as overzealous, rude and quick to blows.

Recently, An anonymous commenter on my site wrote a pretty inciteful post on the whole affair which he claims to have witnessed. I thought, since we have only heard Carolyn Fishers side of the story to reprint it in the sake of fairness. It sounds just as reasonable (if not more) than Ms. Fishers version.

...I did observe this confrontation first hand. I had just left Subway with my young son and had watched Carol Fisher staple several posters on both sides of telephone poles in front of the store. About this time I heard a police officer call to her that she would face a fine if she didn't take down the signs. Carol Fisher took another sign from her bag, and as to shove it in the face of the officer, stapled it up with authority.

The police officer then asked Carol Fisher for her ID, and Carol Fisher started to walk away from him, he asked her several times. She began screaming in an attempt to draw attention, that she did nothing wrong and would not give her ID to the officer.

The officer attempted to stop her by stepping in her way, Carol Fisher began to swing her arms wildly. The officer then called for another officer that was standing across the street. Carol Fisher began clawing at the officer's face, and kicking him. Both officers then held her against the building. Both officers were telling Carol Fisher to stop resisting and just settle down. This woman was out of her mind, kicking, punching, and spitting. The woman then fell to the ground on her own, the officers actually tried to soften her fall by grabbing her coat.

Carol Fisher laid face down with her hands interlocked so the police could not handcuff her. As one officer knelt on the ground, Carol Fisher tried to bite him in the face several times, and did get ahold of his shirt with her teeth. The police officer then told me to call 911 and tell police dispatch they needed help.

More officers showed up and finally were able to control. These officers never struck, brutalized, or my favorite... abducted Carol Fisher. They were nothing short of professional. I had to post this real account of the "story" as I was sick and disgusted with all the false facts of this non news worthy story. I look forward to testifying against Carol Fisher in the above matter...
This comment shows the police dept in a more favorable light. I hope that this is true. I do not think ignorance of the law in posting handbills is one that deserves such rough treatment but - Carolyn Fishers actions, since I read the initial story on NewsNet5, lead me to doubt her intentions. I still imagine the police department could have handled the situation better. This event paints everyone involved in a horrible light.

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So, given this news:

Carol Fisher was found guilty today of two counts of felonious assault of two 200 + pound Cleveland Heights policemen (who, collectively, can bench 700#’s) and whose testimony contained serious contradictions. None of the other witnesses provided by the prosecution actually saw “the assault.”

I have to wonder what happened to this putative "witness," who seemed more that willing to testify.

Sounds like it's the Soviet union all over again instead of persecuting christians and locking them in hospitals,they're locking up "political prisoners" and puting them in hospitals.

We Don't have a "subway" in cleveland did this happen by a rapit station?

The police officer then told me to call 911 and tell police dispatch they needed help.

A little strange, I'd say. Ususally a law officer would communicate via their own communication system, and this way the backup will likely get their much faster than when a civilian calls in, has to identify themselves, etc. I am not saying this statement is a lie, not necessarily, but it sounds strange and the fact that the witness is anonymous does not add strength to their tetimony either.

Here's my take of the situation thus far:
Cleveland Woman Convicted Of Felony And Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Putting Up Anti-Bush Posters

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