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Monday, March 13, 2006 

Bush Admin and the Don't Blame Me Generation

The WP has an interesting article about the "Don't Blame Me" Generation. A generation that refuses to be held responsible for it's shortcomings/bad deeds and instead relies on their parents to bail them out.

What is interesting is this author links the attitude to the Bush Administration and thier cronies (like Ken Lay)
...The tendency to shirk the burden of responsibility permeates our family rooms and our boardrooms. I saw it in Vice President Cheney's belated response to the shooting incident last month...

Lay sounds like the spokesman for our culture of victimhood. It is a culture that reflects a studiously nonjudgmental attitude toward one's own behavior, while ignoring its effects on others. And it is based on a belief system like this: I am more important than most people; I am good; therefore, I am incapable of doing bad things...

A generation ago, this kind of behavior would have been almost inconceivable. Parents' tougher approach taught us lessons critical for later life -- like that lying doesn't pay.
For info on setting limits, teaching responsibility and effective discipline check out Dr. Sears Discipline site or you might just end up with a little Dick Cheney or Ken Lay in your household. Scary. :-)

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