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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Conservatives Bashing Bush

I really don't have much against true conservatives. (I consider myself fiscally conservative/socially progressive) Unfortunately, there just aren't too many true conservatives left (none in Congress, really).

Here is some hope from the Cato Institute
If the ancient political wisdom is correct that a charge unanswered is a charge agreed to, the Bush White House pleaded guilty yesterday at the Cato Institute to some extraordinary allegations....

...Former Reagan aide Bruce Bartlett. Author of the new book "Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy," Bartlett called the administration "unconscionable," "irresponsible," "vindictive" and "inept."

...conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan. Author of the forthcoming "The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It; How to Get It Back," Sullivan called Bush "reckless" and "a socialist," and accused him of betraying "almost every principle conservatism has ever stood for."

...Nor was moderator Boaz a voice of moderation. He blamed Bush for "a 48 percent increase in spending in just six years," a "federalization of public schools" and "the biggest entitlement since LBJ."

Republicans - the party of big government run ineptly.

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I read this yesterday and laughed, how could I not.

His own party, including several inspired by Reagan ( the man so many Bushies tried to say was 43's hero), slamming him.

How is a conservative to look in the mirror and call himself one when his reckless policies have created a debt so substantial it's hitting the debt ceiling?

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