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Friday, March 17, 2006 

Faded Yellow Ribbons

I really enjoyed this diary about the 3rd anniversary of the invasion of Iraq...
In commemoration of this event, for the next three weeks I will be posting pictures of faded yellow ribbon magnets on vehicles in my community...

I suspect that one of the reasons the bright yellow magnets caught on so quickly in 2003, was because they subconsciously represented the attitudes and expectations of many Americans towards the impending war: Easy to apply and dispose of afterwards... just like everything else in our consumer-driven culture.

The yellow ribbons quietly re-enforced the Bush Administration's assurances that the invasion of Iraq would be a simple undertaking which will quickly be rewarded with feelings of patriotism and security. Support the troops, and like the magnets, this war will come off without a scratch.

Today, the yellow ribbon magnets are weathered to white or beige. They are a physical reminder of the blind trust Americans put into their leaders, and how these leaders abused that trust...

Read the entire post at Brainshrub.com

View the Photo Collection here.

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