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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Law Dork hits the nail on the head

Via Law Dork:
When someone dares to question Russo or his actions, the result is that he calls the post "bizarre[]" and claims to "have no idea what the hell [the post's author] is talking about." Two posts on Buckeye State Blog later, however, he seems to understand completely what concerns look like when a group once known for its unabashed independence begins to appear to overestimate and overstate its importance with each move it makes and bully those who disagree with them.
So, what are you still doing here? Go read Law Dork today, the comedic responses from the Cleveland MTB clique is worth it alone.

Perhaps you could elaborate on what's comedic about the responses, Cindy?

Hey Mom,

Back at the Russo bashing I see. Chris hits no nail as far as I can see it. There never was a nail there. Maybe he hit his hand. It's a Seinfeld post.

But don't let that deter you from your now well refined hobby of Russo bashing. Hard to believe you even posted on this at all given how easy it would be to label you as someone with an ax to grind.

And for the record, not all who come to Tim's defense are "NEO mafia". I live in Delaware and found Chris' post unwarranted, but not quite as abhorrent as what you attempted to do to him.

What is "comedic" is that anyone who reads the Ohio blogs with any regularity could predict who is going to say what in response to any comment that even remotely criticizes Russo or MTB.

What is also "comedic" is that anyone who reads the Ohio blogs with any regularity could predict who is going to criticize, even remotely, Russo or MTB - someone who's

Bingo Scott. If you had paid any attention over any amount of time, you'd know that Tim and I really have had it out about a few things - Hackett's tour bus being one of the biggest things.

I put my name on stuff and trust me, if Tim goes off on a BS journey - I'll chime in as such. But this whole thing is stupid really. Would those anonymous like to defend the idea of bashing a blogger for talking to people without recording every second of it? Any takers on that. No, strike that - let's only talk about it if you post your name, email, website, and a sound clip so we know it is really you. We're going for complete transparency afterall...

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