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Monday, March 20, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs. If you can only read one visit Ohio2006 and read the great liveblogging of the DCC Candidates Forum.

DemocraticVeteran - Clear Skies act ruled illegal
UAPA - Charles Badin(R) running for Stricklands seat owes $54,915.87 in back taxes due the State! Blackwell violates his own rules for "Candidates of Character".
Openers - Republican politicians often avoiding public appearances with the President today in Cleveland where he is promoting the Iraq War. (Maybe because the Dems are right)
Democrats like U.S. Reps. Dennis Kucinich and Sherrod Brown say Bush has botched the Iraq war and ignored problems, like unemployment, that plague areas like Cleveland. "This administration underequipped the soldiers who went to Iraq, underfunded veterans benefits now that they're home, and is doing little or nothing to help them find jobs," says Brown.

Blogesque - Has an interesting link diary which includes: review of the book "American Theocracy", an archive of old Edison wax cylinder records,"witchcraft" murders in India, The War Against Terror (TWAT) isn't happening in Iraq, desertion of British forces and more.
PrissyPatriot - Photos of the Protest in Columbus. There were NO counter protestors. Police were positive and noted that this was middle america.
MedinaCountyDAC - DeWine Votes to Privatize Social Security
Ohio2006 - A lot of work from YellowDogSammy as he liveblogged the DCC Candidates Forum
Highlights include:
Sherrod Brown (Senate) - Brown says small businesses are misled when they think the Bush administration is their friend, because Bush favors large international companies over smaller domestic companies. Democrats are trying to reign in health care costs, Republicans are not.

(When asked)What are we doing as Democrats to reclaim the area of religious faith? "A lot of us have political views because we learn about social justice through our religious education." Brown doubts that the controversial Columbus-area right-wing paster Rev. Rod Parsley and his ilk are really that effective in getting their parishioners to vote for Blackwell, because the Democrats are going after the same voters in other contexts.

Jennifer Brunner(SOS) - As to voting machines, Brunner explains system for validating and counting provisional votes, which is totally bogus: officials can peek at how votes were cast before deciding whether to count them. Brunner is working on a measure to prevent vote counts from going over the internet (grim laughter in crowd). Brunner will be working with voting machine companies and voting experts to make sure that the voting system is reliable.

He also liveblogged Richard Cordray, Peter Sikora, Ben Espy, A.J. Wagner, and William O'Neill

SevenCentNickle - Just because "V for Vendetta" features an out of control government that controls the media, clamps down on civil liberties, listens in on private conversations it is not anti-Bush.
TheChiefSource - Marking the 3rd Anniversary of the War in Iraq: Americans Killed: 2,300, Wounded and injured: 17,000, Cost: $150 Million a Day, Troops still in Iraq 130,000
ClevelandHomeless - National Debt and Homelessness
WorkingWithWords - A Dozen Years Later, TNR Changes its Mind: In this week's New Republic, the magazine re-thinks its 1994 opposition to universal health care coverage with a strongly written editorial whose headline puts it bluntly: "Moral Imperative." (Wow)

If I am missing your Ohio blog please feel free to email me at cindyREMOVE@urbancode.com. (Delete the word "remove" from the email address)

Thank you.

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