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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs. If you can only read one - I would go with AndrewWarner or AtheistMama. (they are both memorable) and the nationals look good today too.

TheChiefSource - People don't vote because people like Tom Delay always get re-elected. Gerrymandering and the advantage it gives incumbents.
WorkingWithWords - Taking Pride in our Minority Status (short and sweet)
DailySpeech - Merrill Keiser "Neanderthal for US Senate" (disturbing graphic)
AtheistMama - A very brave and moving diary about her abortion. (You are such a strong woman, thank you for the diary.)
GrandpaBoy - Praising Ohio Democrats (Thanks for adding me to your blogroll)
Pho - Always the voice of reason (you know - he should get into politics :-) Anyways he weighs in on the LawDork brush-up. Although, I think he missed the point of the original LD posting a little - He's right - It just doesn't matter.
UAPA - Blackwell scrubbing blog posts about meeting with ultra-right group story grows online.
Openers - No Luck for Noe
PeanutButterKnife - Blog Against Sexism Day or why American Apparel is not waht it seems (AA is moving to Coventry Rd. soon, too)
ClevelandHomeless - Artists to perform at 2100 Lakeside shelter.
Ohio13 - Weak attacks on Capri Cafaro
Ohio2006 - Another Congressman disavows Schmidt
AndrewWarner - This joke and how it relates to the Bloodiest wars in history (The Congo War)
I saw president Bush sitting with Colin Powell in a coffee shop so I went up and asked them about the war effort: How's the war going Mr. President?

Bush replied: Well, we have to kill 40,000 Iraqis and one blonde.

I was perplexed. I quickly followed his statement with a series of questions: What? Why do you have to kill a blonde?

At this point President Bush turned to Colin Powell and said: I told you no one would care about the Iraqis.

This is a thought provoking diary that gives you a laugh and a little history too. (plus it is short!)
ClevelandAFL-CIO - GOP votes to cut injured workers benefits while still deep in the Workers Comp fund scandal.
LawDork - More on Merrill Keiser, who says gays should get the death penalty.
StubbornLiberal - Real People vs Trent Lott

DailyKos - The Club for Growth and more on fighting for the underdog candidates
AmericaBlog - Is the NYT running hit pieces on liberal blogs?
HuffPost - Republican Mutiny in Congress

I haven't been feeling well (I had pregnancy induced insomnia most of the night last night - Yuck, I am getting too large!) so don't be surprised if I do not post as consistently. (Especially over the weekend) Some days are good others are not so good, I'll try to keep up with the morning round up best I can. Only 2 more months before baby Konrad arrives! (and then it will be no sleep every night!)

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Hi Cindy!

Thank you for the links to UAPA's posts, you have been doing. It's much appreciated!

I, of course, have added you to our links of Ohio Blogs on our main page.

Thanks again!


Hey, thanks for the kind words Cindy, and the link. I appreciate it. :-)

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