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Wednesday, March 15, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

AStraightShotofPolitics - Feeling under the weather (Hope you feel better soon!) and drawing attention to the fact that -
"the covers of 2,600 CIA agents have not only been blown, but that all the knowledge about them is readily available to anyone on the planet who can use a computer, has passed through the global public consciousness with hardly a ripple."
It is depressing, even for those of us that are healthy.

LiberalCommonSense - Skin recalled and BGSU health coverage and abortion.
Ohio13 - Anti-Capri wear, Cafaro Infomercial #2 and Candidates without websites. Plus the Ohio Bloggers Bracket Fanatsy Sports Tournament.
Grandpaboy - Boobs.
Openers - Kuncinich trading cards
LawDork - Hackett on the DailyShow, The Federalist Society speaks on law blogging.
TheChiefSource - Low poll numbers, especially with Independents, sends the President out and about to selling the War in Iraq
Ohio2006- Republican open seats
StubbornLiberal - When should we start to worry? Bird Flu, Mad Cow and more incompentent cronies in the adminstration also "Republican Elitest".
UAPA - Upper Arlington Library Gay Papers Controversy and NASA Confirms Effects Of Global Warming
Pho - Farewell to Knight-Ridder, History and memories from Akron
AtheistMama - Iraq and civil war, reading Baghdad Burning, national and international papers to get a better picture.

If I am missing your Ohio blog please feel free to email me at cindyREMOVE@urbancode.com. (Delete the word "remove" from the email address)

Thank you.

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Grandpaboy - Boobs.

As always, I'm working to elevate the discussion in the Ohio blogosphere.

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