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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Morning Round Up of Ohio Progressive Blogs

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs. (Kinda slim today but those that are listed are really good reads)

LICPAC - Democrats are not the Answer?
Truth,ForaChange - Tolerance for your fellow man. What a concept!
PsychobillyDem - Thoughts On the 88 County Strategy (Great Diary)
WorkingwithWords - Childrens Defense Fund's Edelman at JCU: Jail is Fast Becoming New Form of Slavery (Another good dairy)
Openers - DeWine creates hypocritical ad about childrens rights, Bush asks if anyone in Cleveland works.

On DeWine: "It's ironic that Senator DeWine is releasing an ad today bragging about being an advocate for children's healthcare a week after he voted to
make it easier for insurers to drop health benefits for kids," DSCC
spokesman Phil Singer said in the e-mail.

If I am missing your Ohio blog please feel free to email me at cindyREMOVE@urbancode.com. (Delete the word "remove" from the email address)

Thank you.

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