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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Morning Round Up

DailyKos - Fighting Dem John Laesch, Dean comes out swinging for the troops
AmericaBlog -100,000 protest Bush in India
HuffPost - Intel Chief: Iraq war could spread to entire middle east.

AtheistMama - Is holding a Freethinking Women Jamboree and comments on the homophobic Reform America article in CD.
Ohio2006 - Hernandez (D21st) new website plus more from other candidates, Sherrod on AAA, Montgomery (R) out o SS race,
Psychobilly Dem - Reports on the Brown campaign changes, including Lucas leaving and some toss ups in internet comunications, John Ryan replaces Lucas, these changes seem to give the "billys" a little more confidence but they still would like to see Hackett and Brown together to unify the base.
DispassionateLiberal - Why do the troops hate the troops?
PeopleHaveThePower - Graphics and comments on Bushs Ohio approval rating
LiberalCommonSense - Great commentary on "Paul Hackett in his own words" which includes these tasty morsels:
"the worst thing he (Sherrod) could do even prior to this latest article would be meet face to face"

"people seem to forget there are bloggers out there who did and have supported Sherrod...There were alot of other issues that came into play in the creation of this whole situation."

"So? It's up to us. For some it will take time, for some it will never happen. Some good did come out of this, even though it might not have been everything people like me wanted to see be the end result."
StubbornLiberal - Republicans stall on ethics reform, More details on the Duke Cunningham scandal coming out
Openers - Hamilton county sheriff wants $7421 from DeWine, stating that since the DeWine event was solely a fundraiser the taxpayers should not have to bear the costs.

I am adding new blog today - "Faithful Ohio" for Ohioans whose concern for social justice is rooted in faith. The most recent diary includes a letter from Rev Ahrens of the First Congregational in Columbus expressing his concern over the messages of Rod Parsely and Russell Johnson. Which includes:
"We are, in a sense, saying that the Jesus being portrayed is not the Jesus we know and love and follow."
I hope you enjoy it, I did.

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