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Thursday, March 02, 2006 

Morning Round Up

Sorry this is so late, Blogger was down this morning and then I had to go to work. A little outdated but better late than never :-)

DailyKos - Bush warned FEMA unprepared for Katrina on video tape
AmericaBlog - Bush ignored preKatrina warnings, Bush ignores alot of critical briefings
HuffPost - AP catches Bush in a lie, DeLays travel charged on Lobbiest credit card

Cleveland AFL-CIO - Arts as economic development, the successes of the Rock Hall, Art Musuem and the Western Reserve Historical Society
Liberal Common Sense - Cuts in state funding linked to increase in unintended pregnancies
Psychobilly Dem - More on corrupt republican congressman Randall "Duke" Cunningham
Openers - More Ohioans disapprove of DeWine but still with 13% saying "not sure" this race is still not a shoe in for Brown
Ohio Citizen Action - The "Flats" to become less smelly due to deal between city and polluter
Pho - Many bloggers sign on for Pho's "Get Over It" diary calling for a moratorium on Hackett v Brown diaries
StubbornLiberal - Bush greeted with Protests in India, Fox ratings are down, Noe wants new judges, new location and special jurors
Ohio2006 - Alot of PR stuff from campaigns but also 2 gems today,
First - Ney gives out Golf Tees to supporters which Ohio2006 states
"They may as well be printed with the words "Golf Trip to Scotland Paid For by Indicted Republican Lobbyist Jack Abramoff," since that's the connection that anybody who hasn't spent the last year on Mars will certainly make."

Second a great overview of a PD article that details Petros and Blackwells current pay to play scandals: "This correspondence reveals that Petro ordered the University to replace four law firms, even though the university's general counsel warned that the changes would be costly and inefficient. Petro overruled these objections and ordered that the lucrative legal work be transferred to a politically connected firm instead. At least two of the firms have charged that they lost the work because they refused to contribute to Petro's campaign."

DispassionateLiberal - You're either with us or against us - Emirates inflitrated with Al Quaeda, The informant in the Toldeo Terror case has disappeared
PeopleHaveThePower - Bob Ney and the promotional golf tees that underline and remind us of his trip to St Andrews paid for by Abramoff

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