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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Morning Round Up

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs.

Cleveland AFL-CIO -
88% of Americans ripped -off
Liberal Common Sense - Confusing Educational News, Musical Condoms
The Chief Source - Clooney agrees liberal are out of touch, Strickland and Chickens, Sherrod and Canaries
Stubborn Liberal -Reflections on being an Ohio Democrat
Ohio 2006 - Ackerman (D21st) calls for ban on state funding of charter schoools (OH has spent $444mil on charter schools)
"As your state representative, one of my first actions will be to introduce a bill to ban state funding of charter schools in the state of Ohio.” Ackerman continued, “Taxpayers in Ohio should not have to foot this enormous bill any longer. We are already funding public schools. Why do we have to pay for schools that operate for profit as well? Funding charter schools using public funds has recently been found by the courts in Florida to be wrong. Public funds must go to public education and only to public education.”

Cleveland Homeless-
LawDork - More info on the "wrongful birth" tort and the Blackberry settlement
Dispassionate Liberal -A fun collection of thoughts today including: Updates in the Toledo Terror case, Battlestar Galatica, "NuKe-Quew-Lar" weapons, Kos wears a pocket protector, and stop using all CAPS in diaries :-)
Openers - Judge Sikora in Clermont County:
About Coingate, Tom Noe and $13.5 million in missing state money: "We have investments in rare coins. Some are seemingly so rare they don't even exist."

About GOP claims to make government efficient: "Republicans have told us for years they wanted to run government like big business. Who would have guessed they would have modeled it after Enron and Halliburton?
Pho - Underwhelmed by new Capri Cafaro ad
Psychobilly Dem - Very excited about March Madness


DailyKos -The real cost of Electricity (Jerome), Bush at 37% in Indiana, Are we losing sight of childhood?
AmericaBlog - Homeland Security not so secure.
HuffPost - The only people who want us in Iraq is Iran, Al Qaeda and China

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