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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Morning Round Up

The best Progressive Blog diaries this morning with a focus on Ohio State Liberal Blogs. (Some must reads at LawDork and PeanutButterknife.)

Openers - Boehner is not really into ethics reform and just wishes the UAE port thing would "go away", Influential Congressman tells Jean Schmidt to stop saying I endorsed you!
LiberalCommonSense - South Dakotas quest to overturn Roe.
WorkingWithWords - John wants you to check out the new PublicPolicyBlog (one time home to Eric Fingerhut and Mrs. Mike White) He also ponders wether GW Bush is losing it.
OhioCitizenAction - Clean Air Meeting tomorrow in Marietta
TheChiefSource - Republicans: strongly in support of criminals, (Tom Delay wins primary) and pondering if "Duke" Cunningham could get reelected from prison. SD is protecting the paternal rights of rapist.
DemocraticVeteran - Taking sides in a civil war plus those lying bastard republican stripping away our civil rights, pissing on the constitution, fellating the beloved leader and still finding time for a cold frosty one.

LawDork - calling out the Meet the Bloggers group for thier own hypocrisies
I particularly enjoy this (a diary concerning "off the record" discussions) coming from one of the group of people who have pounded the Ohio Democratic Party for more openness and transparency in the past months. Politics is, at base, about power -- who controls the reins of our government. Meet the Bloggers has been telling everyone who will listen that the power in politics is about information. They've been asking -- rightly -- why the ODP isn't more open with its communications. They've questioned the motives of The Plain Dealer in its coverage of the Senate race.

Yet now, already, they've begun stratifying and exclusifying their project. Off-the-record conversations between journalists and politicians can be invaluable to ongoing coverage of a race or a political issue. But I thought Meet the Bloggers was about bringing the information -- directly and unfiltered -- from the candidates to the people...

...Either way, I think a consistency/accountability question is raised when the "information for all" MTBers begin engaging in off-the-record discussions with the political candidates whose on-the-record speeches they are transcribing for all to see.
PsychobillyDemocrat - Sulzer uses the internet and blogs well, with analysis and tips for other campaign
StubbornLiberal - Will Bob Neys name be on Abramoffs list?
PeanutButterKnife - American netroots organizers have much to learn from their Korean counterparts. Very interesting diary!
DispassionateLiberal - The censoring of progressive websites to the troops

DailyKos - The Imaginary Conception ( a science diary by DarkSyde)
AmericaBlog - Bumper crop of heroin in Afganistan
HuffPost - Chris Matthews "Joseph McCarthy was right"

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