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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Ohio loosens restrictions on concealed handguns

I tend to listen to the Ohio Highway Patrol - if they think it is going to be a problem, I bet it is.
But Mr. Taft continues to fight the removal of a requirement, which was sought by the Ohio Highway Patrol two years ago, that those who carry loaded guns in their cars must keep them in plain sight if not locked in the glove compartment...The highway patrol has insisted that a patrolman know immediately when approaching a vehicle during a traffic stop that there is a gun in the car.
What is so wrong with that? If it protects police officers than that seems good to me.

The bill includes a so-called "safe harbor" provision that allows someone who is intoxicated and getting a ride home with someone else to hand his gun over to the sober driver.
That is crazy. I suppose it is a "good" idea but is that really going to happen? I don't even want to think about drunks in cars with guns, regardless of whether they turn over the gun to the supposedly sober driver or not. Drunks in cars scared me enough before I even thought of the whole concealed gun aspect! Yikes. I also suspect that this loophole will be abused.

More info at the Toldeo Blade.

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